Enhanced, Manageable, Secure Android Mobile OS

Secure your devices and your data

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Meet PilarOS?

PilarOS Android Afex Sun
  • PilarOS (A.K.A. TRDROIDTM), is ARDIC’s industrial Android distro with extended security and manageability framework over 2000 new APIs build on AndroidTM Open Source.

  • AFEX (Advanced Framework Extension) technology adds manageability to OS

  • Additional layers provide device, applications, connection and data security

PilarOS Powered Services

From kernel to cloud level for industrial grade, secure, manageable, scaleable services.

PilarOS Features


PilarOS Güvenlik / Veri Korunumu It won’t let no monkey business on your device; secures connection, applications, USB ports, mics and cameras…

Device Configuration Management

PilarOS Cihaz Ayarlarının Yönetimi Define the required configuration and push it to all your devices.

Application Management

PilarOS Cihaz Uygulamaların Yönetimi Install/uninstall/disable/force applications on your devices remotely.

Remote Management

PilarOS Cihaz Uzaktan Yönetim Axess all your devices on a single admin panel, monitor and manage them all or one by one.

PilarOS is mobile OS but not just for smart phones. It provides end to end management features for any purpose smart devices.

IoT (Internet of Things), IIoT (Industrial IoT) Devices

Endüstriyel Ağ Geçidi Cihazları

Industrial Gateways

Intel NUC

Intel NUC

Mini Bilgisayarlar, Mikro İşlemciler

Mini PCs, Micro Processors

Sensör Kutuları


Tablet & Telefon

Tablets and Smart Phones

Android Mini PC

Android Mini PC

Hardware Producers deployed PilarOS

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Streamax Logo
M3 Mobile Logo
Diebold Nixdorf Logo

Concerns and Questions on Device and Data Security

  • Do you suspect maybe applications are listening you through your device microphone?

    AFEX helps you control the application access to mic, camera, USB, Bluetooth and internet. You can specify the applications to Access to relevant resources.

  • Can you install/uninstall applications remotely?

    You can install and uninstall applications to and from your devices remotely on the admin panel.

  • Can you limit/force certain applications to run on your devices?

    You can enable or disable the installation or uninstallation of applications from the devices.

  • Do you have concerns about your data on your device can be stolen?

    AFEX can disable ADB or USB Access and provides password management; can force certain level passwords and requires updates.

  • CIs it difficult to secure device network connections?

    You can configure and secure network connections with AFEX APIs.

  • Your device is stolen/lost, what now?

    Lock and wipe your device.